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Cialis Black

Sometimes we feel alone and upset without any support, especially when it comes to health. Erectile dysfunction is not an exception. Now many patients complain of Impotence. We assure, the difficulties can be solved. Erectile dysfunction is an inability having a full sex. Erection, in its turn, is a neurovascular process, which spreads on erectile tissue of penis. ED can significantly affect quality life of men and their partners.

What can lead to Impotence?

The main factors, leading to ED are: - diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, - severe disease (heart attack); - depression, mental disorders. Each difficulty, which is applied to you, must be known by doctor in order he will have determined the diagnosis.

Black Cialis 800mg

Cialis Black 800 mg is a highly-strength drug, which help men in Impotence treatment. The pills have strong and long-lasting effect.

How to take Cialis Black 800mg?

It contains Tadalafil and has similar work as the other Cialis variations of pills. It has durable effect, but you should be necessarily sexually aroused. Take it orally, following the recommendations of your doctor. One time per day will be necessary to take.

Will Black Cialis help in case of severe ED?

The result is proved by a huge number of men, who bettered their sex life. It helped in 97% of cases.

Missed dosage

Don’t use an additional preparation in order to compensate dose, which you missed. Take the next dose at the time you constantly take it.

Overdose happened

Call a medical assistance, if overdose happened.

Black Cialis side effects

As usual, side effect can appear due to not right dose or if you have serious disease: heart, liver or blood vessels problems. Taking Cialis Black 800mg with the nitrates can also cause side effects. They will be obvious if you are allergic to medicine.


Storage in a wet place can soften drugs. Keep far from children.

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